Saturday, September 24, 2011

Metacarpal and Phalanges was enjoyed!

Assalamualaikum for viewers, i dont want to say much. as short as possible

Human for body fluids in terms of physiology
'junk food'-
 Surah Assaba' ;)
bring along a lots of rainbows pens and 80gsm papers
body and mind-
 insyaAllah will be strong. ok,Allah always beside me
being medical student quite busy,always facing with the same books, day by day.practicing to present the case in PBL. and Alhamdulillah i ve friends n seniors that always support n being my advisor.
comfortable as i n my roomates got a felo house.Hehe. its very near to my grandma house..Nak balik..Huhu
-set my mind to be muslimah dr in future,insyaAllah and i want my nme in the list of deen. ;)


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